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A Secret of Trees (Re-written Backwards)

30 Apr

A lovely pine elder will
tell you secrets.
lie quietly in a forest,

I shall hold its
dear to my heart’s

My readers
surprise and impress,
but the tree shared.
Should I print all I learned?
As a writer I’m tempted.
I never imagined.
it’s shared secrets.

I spoke with a tree.
I spoke with a tree.

I’ve heard that it’s dangerous!


Review of Madre Natura’s Latest Work

30 Apr

Balsamroot Bliss,
the most recent publication by Madre Natura
(author of Boston Snow and Tennessee Tornadoes),
has outdone herself with
the luminous prose of her newest work.
Hills aglow in buttercup yellow,
she leads the adventurer over the next rise and the next;
one is scarcely able to pause when leafing through her work,
but one must finally recognize the joy of
savoring each single bouquet she has
created for us.
For those of you who have never
dipped your toes into one of
Ms. Natura’s creations, a wondrous
treat awaits you.
For those of us who know her well,
this new opus lives up to, or even tops,
our highest expectations.
Available this week throughout the Okanogan Highlands.

Women of the Spring Night

30 Apr

Spring in the Okanogan
is a proper matron,
a faithful wife
calling on her experience to
step delicately,
dipping her toes
into fertility.
One Crocus.
One small buttercup.
Testing the waters for
immanent frost.

Bellingham’s spring, however,
rises as a voluptuous whore,
casting away all
her covering robes to
abandon herself into an
orgy of colorful
reproductive joy!
Blissed, she cavorts with
bumblebees and robins,
a bacchanalian festival
welcoming back the sun.

The Tarot’s Fool

23 Apr

The fool steps out
in perfect love and
perfect trust.
Ultimate innocence,
knowing all and
knowing nothing.
When we discover the place of
being nothing,
we find we are
the Universe.


23 Apr

artists …for a week…They’ll be different tomorrow and the day after…an especially inspiring phenomenon:…more than 200…coastal dwellers…arise…to spot the elusive…freckled…bluish…larger-than-life…beasts,…fantastical creatures…all…turning…into art…A gift…scattered around.

My Living Room Window

22 Apr

The fact of my window’s view is a
fir tree
resting itself before
the Chuckanut mountains,
framed with alders.

Every morning’s view also
holds a feeling,
each one different from the last.
On Monday a calm greenness
rested on its sill.
Yesterday my window framed
a grey fog of exhaustion,
while this morning its panes sparkle
as a beacon to adventure.

I cherish the variety from
this solitary window.
Tonight it frames the darkness,
guarding closely a
secret view for tomorrow


20 Apr

If the gnat walking
across this page
were the only gnat on Earth,
I would marvel at its

Insect beauty now
flits from room to room,
free to roam throughout my dwelling.