The Lease of the Least

31 Mar

A little string of nucleotides
A billion time smaller than a spider’s eyelash
Creeps through the humans
Using each one to make
another trillion copies of itself.

Not even living

Just a tiny string of nucleotides
In a certain order
Changing the world.

Old Knees

2 Apr

When I try to rise
My knees click before I move.
A child smiles, confused.

Powder Blue and White

20 Apr

The house on the hill
gets a new coat of paint
while the widow within
grows dandelions.

The Fentil Gwifford

18 Apr

As silence filled the winkled night
A fentil beast arose in flight.
Gojolling up, the gwifford weeched,
and sporanooned above a spleecht.
All canticored, the spleecht arose,
The warthing gwifford to oppose.
A swift kertwang tore loose one spling,
Disabling the gwifford’s wing.
Without that spling he fleeled in flight,
Careening through the winkled night.
The spleecht kuleened, the gwifford fell.
The eerie sounds bespoke of Hell.
Across the tornid land arose
An answering cacophened trose.
All hastored round the fallen beast
And wistercorned the honored spleecht.
In future years the torngs will speak
Of one predanored, cupris night
When a fentil beast was slain in flight.

A Poem’s a Path

9 Apr

The poems I read are a heart path
To beauty, or love, or, perhaps, wrath.
Their words trace a path to my heart.
I never refuse invitations
To savor a poet’s creations;
I humbly honor their art.
We open our souls to opinions,
Revealing our thoughts to the minions,
Receiving a hug … or a dart?


8 Apr

Plantaré un beso
A tus hermosos labios
Para calmarte.
No puedes agitarte
Si dejo mi
Episodio de telenovela,
Y, volviéndose hacia tu,
Con toda mi atención,
Con amor en mis ojos,
Con súplica en mis manos,
Y te daré
Tanta verdadera admiración
Que no puedes
Tener ni un poquito
De la tristeza,
Mi amor.




7 Apr

Effervescent giggles
About someone’s death?
I can’t find compassion,
Only elation.
How could I have known that,
Forty years after our divorce,
I still didn’t feel safe.
RIP Peter,
May you do better in your next life.